Memphis Press Scimitar, Wednesday, September 8, 1954

Fun on a Grand Scale at Shopping Center

Hillbillies And Indians Will Be Ready To Go

EVEN ALLIGATORS are for sale at the new Lamar-Airways Shopping Center. Katz Drug Store has a pets department with monkeys, rabbits, flying squirrels, tropical birds and fish, parrots, skunks and alligators for sale. In charge of the unusual department is Mrs. Frances Moyes of 1336 S. Colonial, who raises Boxers and Doberman Pinschers for pin money, heard that Katz was coming to Memphis, asked for the job. A minor crisis hit her department when the air conditioning was first tested, ran the building too cold, gave her monkeys colds. They were rushed to Dr. G. W. Henry, veterinarian-for treatment. Mrs. Moyes is pictured here with a rabbit and an alligator.

NEWEST MEMPHIS HIT in the recording business is Elvis Presley, of "That's All Right, Mama," and "Blue Moon of Kentucky," fame.

Celebrities, Too, To Be on Hand

A cast of hundreds will stage a giant marathon of entertainment tomorrow, Friday and Saturday to celebrate the grand opening of the Lamar-Airways Shopping Center.
There will be a band of Indians; Scottish, hillbilly and Indian music groups, radio, television and recording personalities, choruses, quartets and many other attractions.
A 28-foot"robot" Indian will perform on an eight-foot platform for all to see.
A number of celebrities will make personal appearances, including Mayor Tobey and top executives from firms opening stores at the center.
And prizes! Television sets, fine clothing--a fortune in desirable items for lucky visitors. Here's the schedule for the three-day extravaganza:

9 a.m.-Radio and Television personalities simultaneously open individual stores. These will include WMCT's Dick Hawley, Olivia Browne, Berl Olswanger, Trent Wood, Ed White, Cathy Bauby, Gene Steele, Slim Rhodes and others.
10 a.m. Radio station break and siren: "Lamar-Airways Shopping Center is now open!" Music,
11 a.m. - Music, Indian band.
12 noon-Radio station break and whistle; music.
1:30 p.m.-Music.
2:30 p.m. Indian band; Indian chief and Choctaw Princess Red Bird introduced.
3:30 p.m.- Katz recording artists.
5 p.m.-Indian band, princess and chief, recording artist, etc.
6 p.m.-Entertainment to be announced.
7 p.m.-Earl Moreland introduces Nathan Shainberg, who introduces Mayor Tobey. Official opening ceremonies with Shrine color guard.
9-10 p.m.-Sleepy-Eyed John, Eagle's Nest Band, Elvis Presley, recording artist.

11 a.m.-Music.
1:30 p.m.-Indian Band, chief and Princess.
4 p.m.-Indian band, several musical groups and other talent.
6 p.m.-WDIA band, Southern Wonders vs. Jones Boys in religious songfest.
6:45 p.m.-Two choral groups and succession of WDIA emcees, including Rufus Thomas, Willa Monroe, Theo (Bless My Bones) Wade, and Nat D. Williams.
7 p.m.-Indian dancers, Sleepy Eyed John, dedication ceremony, Dr. Marshall Wingfield leading.
9 p.m.-Sleepy-Eyed John's band, specialty acts.

9 a.m.-Indian band.
10 a.m.-Princess and chief.
11 a.m.-Music.
12 noon-Recording artist.
1:30 p.m.-Indian band.
2:30 p.m.-Air attack demonstration.
3:30 p.m.-Recording artist.
4:30 p.m.-Scottish kilty band.
5:30 p.m.-Indian hillbilly band.
7 p.m.-Dancers and Air force kilty marching band.
7:30 p.m.-Recording artist.
9 p.m.-Finale, including Sleepy-Eyed John and music.

Lamar officials up to the last moment this week were working to assemble the greatest array of talent available.
The entire center will dressed up in decorations for the gala opening.
The entertainment is free.

Memphis Press Scimitar, July 28, 1954 courtesy Memphis Public Library
Jim Reid photo of Elvis at Press Scimitar office taken in July, 1954

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This article is reprinted exactly as it appeared in the September 8th 1954 edition of the Memphis Press Scimitar.


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