Bucky Barrett's Wedding

Bucky and Gigi
Photo © courtesy Pete Pritchard

When we went on the European tour in August, 2005, we were Accompanied by our good friend, Bucky Barrett, and his fiancée, Gigi. Miro Simic, who has been a friend of Scotty's for many years (see his visit to my house in May), arranged for them to be married by his friend Jean Luc Martin in Stockholm who is a minister at Englise Reformee Franaise, a beautiful French Reformed Church in the heart of Stockholm. Gigi and Bucky both looked beautiful for the ceremony.

 Englise Reformee Franaise
Photo © courtesy Pete Pritchard

This is the entrance to the church, which opened directly off the Busy street. 

Photo © courtesy Pete Pritchard

Our good friend Vidar Thomt was with us.  He drove us down from Norway in his great big Ford Expedition and stayed with us the whole time we were in Stockholm. He could not get that big car on a plane, so he had to leave us at the airport when we left Stockholm to go to London.

Liam, David, Jimmy, Scotty, Gail and Paul
Photo © courtesy Pete Pritchard

Here are the wedding guests: Liam Grundy, Dave Briggs, Jimmy Russell, Scotty, Gail, and Paul Ansell.

Photo © courtesy Pete Pritchard

This is the bridal couple leaving their elegant wedding coach, better known as Vidar's Expedition. 

Liam, Paul, Jimmy, Scotty, David and Gail
Photo © courtesy Pete Pritchard

Here are most of the wedding guests seated in the church: Liam, Paul, Jimmy, Scotty, Dave, Oddweig Simic, and me.

Liam, Jimmy, David, Scotty, Gail, Gigi and Bucky
Photo © courtesy Pete Pritchard

This is the beautiful couple coming down the aisle with the rest of us looking on. They are really the most beautiful couple you ever looked at!  They would look perfect on the top of the cake! 

Gigi and Bucky
Photo © courtesy Pete Pritchard

This is the bridal couple at the altar.

Gigi, Jean Luc Martin and Bucky
Photo © courtesy Pete Pritchard

This is at the altar with the minister.

Miro Simic
Photo © courtesy Pete Pritchard

This is Miro Simic making a picture of the photographer. Miro is a well-known tremendously talented classical guitarist, and he played the music for the wedding.

Mr. and Mrs. Bucky Barrett
Photo © courtesy Pete Pritchard

Another shot of the beaming pair at the altar 

Photo © courtesy Pete Pritchard

This is the whole wedding party: Oddweig, Vidar, Jimmy, Liam, Gigi, me behind, Bucky, Scotty, Paul, Dave, and Miro.  Only Pete was missing...he took the pictures!

Scotty, Pete, Miro, Oddweig, Gigi, Bucky, Vidar and Gail
Photo © courtesy Pete Pritchard

After we went back to the hotel and changed clothes, we all went to the bridal supper at an ancient restaurant in Stockholm.  I don't know how to spell it in Swedish, but the translation of the name was Five Small Houses, and it had been built in just that many, many years ago.  I don't remember how many centuries back the buildings were built, but American memories don't go back that far....it was before Columbus discovered us!  We got to sign the guest book there, and I guess our signatures will be there many years after we all are gone.  And the food was great, too!

Photo © courtesy Pete Pritchard

This was the beautiful wedding dessert made for the couple by the restaurant.  It was a special day for all of us, and especially Gigi and Bucky.

--Happy Wedding and many good years together, guys!

Gail Pollock
December 16, 2005


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