A Gift from Dean Beard
Breckenridge, TX

Dean Beard, Bill Black and Jimmy Day in Breckenridge, TX American Legion Hall - June 10, 1955
Photo courtesy Steve Bonner

Scotty, Bill and Elvis in Breckenridge, TX American Legion Hall - June 10, 1955
Photo courtesy Steve Bonner

Dean Beard was from West Texas and sometimes opened for Elvis, Scotty and Bill in Breckenridge and Stamford, TX.  He formed a band called  "Dean Beard & The Crew Cats" which featured Dean on piano, James Steward on lead guitar, Jimmy Seals on sax and Dash Crofts on drums where they played regularly to large crowds in the area's American Legions, VFW's and clubs.  In 1956 he went to Memphis to record briefly at Sun Records.

Scotty, Elvis and Bill in Breckenridge, TX American Legion Hall - June 10, 1955
Photo courtesy Steve Bonner

Delton Simmons, Elvis and Jay Thompson in Breckenridge, TX - June 10, 1955
Photo courtesy Steve Bonner

Dean would later attribute his short-lived association with Sun Records as having "something to do with all the women and the partying".  In 1958 Dean, Jimmy Seals & Dash Crofts became members of  "The Champs" which had recently had a hit with "Tequila".  Dean didn't stay with them long and Seals and Crofts after  several years would break off and go on to success with their band of the same name.  Dean suffering from ill health pretty much left music as a profession, however, in 1967 he recorded a record in Nashville that included Chip Young, Scotty Moore, Pete Drake, D.J. Fontana and The Jordanaires.  The record was never released.

Unplayed original 78 of "That's Alright Mama" - July 2003
Photo James V. Roy

Early on in the days when Dean was opening for the boys, Elvis, Scotty and Bill had only a few records themselves.  Dean had got a copy of their first recording "That's Alright Mama" on 78 and had put it away.   Later on he had it framed and a plaque made up and presented it to Scotty.   Scotty still has it to this day. 

"Dean Beard - Dalton Moore, Jr. & Jack C."

Dean Beard

Dean passed away in April of 1989

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