1966 Fender Electric XII
(used in Clambake)

Elvis with Fender Electric XII from Clambake (Marty Lacker as the chef) - 1967
Screen capture ©

In the 1967 release of United Artists' "Clambake," Elvis is seen briefly performing with a 1966 Lake Placid Blue Fender Electric XII in the same scene where he also uses a Fender Wildwood.

A Fender Electric XII in a scene from Speedway - 1967 (released 1968)
Screen capture © WB

Coincidentally, during the final scene of Speedway, a film shot soon after Clambake, a Lake Placid Blue Electric XII is seen played by an extra.  There's no way to tell though if the guitars are one and the same.

Designed by Leo Fender, the Fender Electric XII was introduced in late 1965 with the bulk of the production taking place in 1966.  This model had unusual split pickups, much like a Precision bass and an alder body similar in design to the Fender Jaguar/Jazzmaster line. Initially the model came with dot fret markers on a rosewood fretboard which were eventually replaced with rectangular fret markers on a bound neck.*

1966 Fender Electric XII in Lake Placid Blue
Photo © Guitar Center

Unlike its competitors’ electric 12-string models, which were simply existing 6-string guitars with six more strings, the Fender Electric XII was a ground-up 12 string designed to capture part of the folk-rock market. The headstock was different from Fender’s usual 6 on-a-side shape, and is sometimes referred to as a "hockey stick". Leo Fender’s bridge design for this model is very simple, works well, and may be one of Fender's best designs of the 1960s. The bridge has an individual saddle for each string, allowing for precise intonation. A string-through-body design also helps to increase sustain.*

It also featured master tone and volume controls and a 4-way rotary pick-up selector.  The model was discontinued around 1970.  Jimmy Page used one to record “Stairway to Heaven” with Led Zeppelin.

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*courtesy the Antique Vintage Guitar Info site.

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Fender XII Lake Placid Blue electric 12-string, Serial number 177898
Photo © Julien's Auction

On December 1, 2012, Julian's Auction featured this guitar among other items in their "Icons and Idols: Rock 'N Roll" auction.  The winning bid was reported as $35,200.00. Titled as "Elvis Presley Clambake Film and Recording Guitar," they offered the following description:

A Fender XII Lake Placid Blue electric 12-string guitar used by Elvis Presley in the film Clambake (UA, 1967) and for the title track of the same name. Serial number 177898. The guitar was given to actor Lance LeGault by Leo Fender in 1966. LeGault, who was working on the film brought the guitar to the set of Clambake. While Elvis Presley performed the film's title song Presley retrieves this guitar and plays it. LeGault was an assistant to the choreographer on this film and had previously been Elvis' stunt double in earlier films. Accompanied by a copy of the film.

PROVENANCE From the Estate of Lance LeGault

Fender XII Lake Placid Blue electric 12-string, Serial number 177898
Photo © Julien's Auction

Fender XII Lake Placid Blue electric 12-string, Serial number 177898
Photo © Julien's Auction

Fender XII Lake Placid Blue electric 12-string, Serial number 177898
Photo © Julien's Auction

Fender guitar strap and case
Photo © Julien's Auction

Lance LeGault's name and address on guitar case
Photo © Julien's Auction

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