Global Moment in Time

Scotty Moore - July 5, 2004
Photo James V. Roy

As part of Memphis' 50 years of Rock and Roll celebration, a "Global Moment in Time" was held on July 5th, 2004 at Sun Studio.  The event marked 50 years to the day of the recording of "That's All Right" by Elvis, Scotty and Bill there at Sam Phillips' Sun Records (Sun #209).  At precisely 11:00 AM Central Time Scotty pressed the play button to roll tape of that song that was then broadcast to over 1500 Radio networks worldwide.

George Klein, Isaac Hayes and Scotty - July 5, 2004
Photo James V. Roy

George Klein, Isaac Hayes and Scotty - July 5, 2004
Photo James V. Roy

In addition to Scotty, on hand to serve as hosts and ambassadors to this event were George Klein, Isaac Hayes, Justin Timberlake, Domingo "Sam the Sham" Samudio, Jerry Schilling and Knox Phillips.  Long time friend of Elvis, George Klein, emceed the event.  Ten minutes prior to the moment that Scotty pressed play, recording and broadcasting began where each particpant spoke and explained their view and perception of the significance and the impact of that recording on American popular music.  

"Sam the Sham" Samudio, Jerry Schilling and Knox Phillips - July 5, 2004
Photo James V. Roy

Scotty Moore - July 5, 2004
Photo James V. Roy

By July 5th of 1954, the stage had already been set for the emergence of Rock and Roll into main stream America, and almost by accident the right elements came together that night during a break in Elvis' audition. Sam, through the open door to the control room, overheard them playing around, jamming to Elvis' interpretation of Arthur Crudup's song and immediately recognized a sound he been looking for.  With that recording and the subsequent careers that followed they virtually kicked down the doors to racial barriers in music and helped launch a movement worldwide in popular music.  It was literally like a bomb going off with repercussions felt still to this day.

Justin Timberlake - July 5, 2004
Photo James V. Roy

"Sam the Sham" Samudio - July 5, 2004
Photo James V. Roy

Justin, being from the area, spoke of how the music then evolved and impacted contemporary artist like himself and related the story of how Elvis used to visit his grandfather who was a Captain with the Memphis Fire Dept.  Sam "the Sham" originally from Texas, related how the recording acted like a beacon for him and other artists like himself that flocked to Sun and Memphis to record.  His first records there in Memphis included the hits "Woolly Bully" and "Little Red Riding Hood".

"Sam the Sham" Samudio, Jerry Schilling and Knox Phillips - July 5, 2004
Photo James V. Roy

Knox Phillips - July 5, 2004
Photo James V. Roy

Jerry Schilling, a close member of the "Elvis family" was president and CEO of the Memphis and Shelby County Music Commission until 1999 and has been a friend of Scotty's for many years.  He too spoke on the cultural impact of the recording while Knox Phillips, Sam's eldest son, spoke of how his father had worked and opened the studio there to hopefully popularize the music he heard and fell in love with around Beale St. when arriving there in the '40s.

George Klein, Isaac Hayes and Scotty - July 5, 2004
Photo James V. Roy

George Klein, Isaac Hayes, Scotty and Justin Timberlake - July 5, 2004
Photo James V. Roy

Scotty Moore and Justin Timberlake- July 5, 2004
Photo James V. Roy

"The Moment" - July 5, 2004
Photo James V. Roy

When Scotty pressed play, participating stations around the world simultaneously broadcast the song and more than a thousand fans who had come to Memphis to celebrate heard the broadcast from the stage outside the studio.  Many were said to have wept when they heard it.  Not long after, Scotty joined D.J. Fontana, Ronnie McDowell, Billy Swan, Steve Shepherd, James Lott and Dave Smith on stage outside for a live performance of "That's All Right" and a few other Sun Classics, helping to kick off the daylong Sun Commemorative concert.

George, Isaac, Scotty, Justin and "Sam the Sham"- July 5, 2004
Photo James V. Roy

Justin Timberlake and "Sam the Sham" Samudio - July 5, 2004
Photo James V. Roy

Isaac Hayes and Scotty - July 5, 2004
Photo James V. Roy

Thank You  Scotty... Bill, Elvis and Sam!

Elvis Presley, Bill Black, Scotty Moore and Sam Phillips


Click here to visit the The Commercial Appeal newspaper in Memphis' special website with content about the 50th Anniversary of Elvis and Rock 'n' Roll, along with video of the Global Moment in Time.

Global Moment in Time Participating radio stations

Allentown-Bethlehem -- WKAP
Anchorage, AK -- KEAG
Anchorage, Alaska -- KTVA-FM 97.3
Ashland/Galion, OH -- WFXN-FM 102.2 FM
Austin, TX -- KVLG-AM
Bakersfield, CA -- Buckley Radio Bakersfield
Beckley, WV -- WAXS
Bedford, IN -- WQRK-FM Oldies 105.5
Bellingham/Seattle/Vancouver B.C. -- KISM-FM Classic Rock 92.9
Boise, Idaho -- KMHI-AM
Boston, MA -- WODS
Boston, MA -- WODS
Brian College Station, TX -- KNFX-FM
Brownsville, TX -- KQXX-AM 1700
Brownsville, TX -- XEOR-AM
Buffalo-Niagara Falls -- WHTT
Burlington-Plattsburgh, VT-NY -- WNBX
Cablevision HD News/ -- VOOM
Canton, OH -- WDPN
Cedar Knolls, NJ -- WMTR-AM
Charlotte, NC -- WOHS-AM
Charlotte-Gastonia-Rock Hill, NC -- WWMG
Cherryville, NC -- WCSL-AM
Chicago IL -- WCRX
Chicago, IL -- WEFM-FM
Chicago, IL -- WKMK-FM
Chicago, IL -- WRLL
Chicago, IL -- WRLL-AM Real Olidies 1690
Chicago, IL -- WJMK-FM/Oldies 104.3
Cincinnati, OH -- WGRR
Cincinnati, OH -- WSAI-AM Oldies
Clarksdale, Miss -- WKDJ/WAID-FM
Cleveland -- WMJI
Cleveland, OH -- Oldies 1330 WELW-AM
Cleveland, OH -- WELW-AM
Cleveland, OH -- WSWR-FM
Columbia, SC -- WOMG
Columbus, OH -- WCOL-AM
Corpus Christi -- KRYS-FM
Corpus Christi -- KSAB-FM
Corpus Christi -- KUNO-AM
Corpus Christi -- KKTX-FM
Corpus Christi -- KMXR-FM
Corpus Christi -- KNCN-FM
Dallas, TX -- KAHZ-AM
Dallas, TX -- KETR-FM
Dallas, TX -- KKDA-FM
Dallas, TX -- KLUV/KVIL/Dallas Cowboys Radio Network
Denver, CO -- KOOL 105
Denver, CO -- KXKL
Dyersburg, TN (Memphis) -- WTRO-FM
Eagle Pass, TX -- XEVM-AM
Eagle River, WI -- WRJ-FM
El Centro, CA -- XERM-AM
El Paso, TX -- XEYC-AM
Eugene, Oregon -- KKNX
Evansville, IN -- WJPS-FM
Evansville, IN -- WMTA
Fargo, ND -- KEGK-FM
Ft. Dodge, IA. -- KIAQ-FM/KTLB-FM
Glasgow, Kentucky -- Commonwealth Communications
Green Bay, WI -- WOGB
Greensboro, NC -- WBRF-FM
Greensboro, NC -- WMQX-FM Oldies 93
Greensboro-High Point, NC -- WSYD
Greenville-New Bern -- WKOO
Hartford-New Britain-Middletown -- WDRC
Honolulu, Hawaii -- KAHA-FM 105.9 The Big Kahuna/Kumu 94.7
Houston, TX -- KLDE
Huntsville-Decatur, AL -- WAFN
Joplin, MO -- KDMO
Kansas City MO -- KDKD-AM
Kansas City MO -- KOKO-AM
Kelso/Longview, WA -- KLOG-AM 1490
Johnson City and Bristol, TN -- WKOS-FM
Knoxville, TN -- Oldies 95.7 and 106.7
Laredo, TX -- XNLT-AM
Las Vegas, Nevada -- KQOL-FM Oldies
Lexington -- WKLB
Little Rock, AR -- KEWI
Los Angeles, CA -- DMX MUSIC - The Listening Room
Louisville, KY -- Oldies 103.1 WRKA
Macon -- WAYS
Manahawkin, NJ -- WJRZ-FM
Maryland -- WARK-AM
Maryland -- WKHW-FM 106.5 (Oldies & Classic Rock)
Memphis, TN -- News Radio 600 WREC-AM
Memphis, TN -- WBOL-AM
Memphis, TN -- WRVR and WMBZ in Memphis
Miles City, MT -- KATL-AM
Monroe, LA -- KLIP / LA-105.3
Morristown, NJ -- WMTR
Morristown, NJ -- WWTR
Mount Pleasant, SC (Near Charleston) -- WXLY-FM (Y-102.5)
Nashua, NH -- WSNH-AM
Nashville, TN -- WSGI-AM
Nassau County, NJ -- B103
New York, NY -- Enterprises Unlimited
New York, NY -- WCBS FM
New York, NY (Based in NJ) -- WJRZ-FM
Newport, TN -- WLIK-AM
NJ -- 100.7
Nogales, AZ -- XEHF-AM
Northern Alabama -- Big River Broadcasting (Sam Phillips 4 Stations)
Oklahoma City, OK -- KOMA-FM
Oklahoma City, OK -- KONA-FM
Paducah-Cp Girardeau -- WGKY
Peoria, IL -- WBYS
Philadelphia, PA -- WKAP-AM
Philadelphia, PA -- WOGL-FM
Phoenix, AZ -- KIDR-AM
Pittsburg CA -- KATD-AM
Pittsburgh -- WJPA
Portland, OR -- KKSN
Poughkeepsie, NY -- WZCR-FM
Providence RI -- Citadel Communications
Provincetown, MA -- WOMR-FM
Raleigh, NC -- WTRG-FM / WRDU-FM
Raleigh, NC (ABC) -- WICE-FM
Raleigh-Durham, NC -- WTRG
Reading, PA -- WRAW
Richmond, KY -- WLFX-FM
Riverside, CA -- KOLA-FM
Roanoke-Lynchburg -- WZZU
Rochester, NY -- WBBF
Rockingham, NC -- WLWL-AM
Sacramento, CA -- KCEZ 102.1
Saginaw-Bay City-Midland, MI -- WMPX
Saginaw-Bay City-Midland, MI -- WMRX
Salt Lake City, UT -- KDYL-AM
San Antonio, TX -- KONO
San Antonio, TX -- KONO
San Diego and LA, CA -- XKAM-AM
San Diego, CA -- KSON-AM
San Francisco, CA -- KFRC-FM Oldies Station
Seattle-Tacoma -- KIXI
Shreveport, LA -- KLKL
Springfield, MO -- KOSP Oldies 105.1
St Robert, MO -- KFLW
St. Louis, MO -- KLOU
St. Louis, MO -- WCXO-FM
Tampa-St. Petersburg -- WRBQ
Tampa-St. Petersburg -- WZZS
The University of WI -Madison School of Journalism -- WOJB-FM
Trenton, TN (Memphis) -- WTKB-FM
Tucson, AZ -- KQTL-AM
Union City, TN (MO in broadcast) -- WQAK-FM
Ventura, CA (LA) -- KVEN-FM
Villeplatte, LA -- KVPI
Virginia Beach, VA -- WFOG-FM Oldies 92.9
Waco, TX -- KBGO-FM/Clear Channel-Waco
Washington, DC -- Big 100
Washington, DC -- WCBC-FM
Washington, PA -- WJPA-FM
Wausau, WI -- WIZD FM
Wausau, WI -- WOFM FM
Wautoma, WI -- WAUH-FM
Waverly, Iowa -- KWAY Radio
Wayne, IN -- WLDE-FM
Wilkes Barre-Scranton, PA -- WHLM
Wilmington, Delaware -- WMPH 91.7 FM Radio
Winne, Arkansas -- KTRQ-FM Oldies
Winona, MN -- KAGE-AM
Yakima, WA -- KARY FM

Sirius Satellite Radio

100 stations from Westwood One Oldies Networks

160 radio stations and 400 armed services bases from The ABC Oldies Affiliates

Additionally, stations have confirmed participation from Austria, England, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, Spain, Switzerland, Venezuela, and the Ukraine.

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