Gibson Super "Goldtone"

At home Scotty also has a Gibson Super Goldtone (GA-30RV) amplifier.

The GA-30RV' has an unusual combination of 10" and 12" speakers resulting in a uniquely well balanced voice, with great punch and definition from the smaller driver and a warm, developed low end from the larger.
The complete signal path; preamp, effects loop, reverb and power stage, on all Super Goldtone models is 100% valve. Porcelain valve sockets and gold plated jack sockets are used exclusively throughout.
The switching circuitry for the different functions is all based around momentary switches controlling CMOS logic devices which then switch relays or FETís within the audio circuitry. This provides very low switching noise, excellent sonic performance and the ability to switch all the functions from multiple sources.
All power and output transformers and chokes are custom made for maximum performance using high grade laminations. Windings are resin soaked and made to pass international approvals. A highly regulated DC supply is used for heater filaments in all preamp valves for minimal hum levels.*

The GA30RV features Two independent Input Channels; Passive and interactive treble, middle and bass tone controls for each channel, Preamps and power stage 100% vale, Class! four EL84 power tubes; 1 x 10" and 1 x 12" Celstian Vintage speaker;  Footswitcable Accutronics 3 spring reverb tray; Stereo Effects loop, footswitchable series/parallel; power rating 30W RMS; Master volume, volume control for preamp one and level and gain controls for preamp two, seperate boost and seperate reverb controls for each channel, 2-way foot switch

*Info courtesy Gibson

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