Moore's Feel Good Mafia

My friend D.J. Gross and her children, Joseph and Ashley visited us a couple of weeks before the 50th anniversary and we had a cook-out on Gail's deck, along with Scotty.  After dinner (during drinks) conversation turned to the anticipated week-end.  We talked about how Scotty's "Group" needed shirts with a logo.  I commented that Elvis had his Mafia and Scotty needed one also, "Moore's Mafia".  Steve said it should be "Moore's Feel Good Mafia" from his album and Bill Black's comment of the music.   

Molly, DJ Gross, Ella, Patsy, DJ and Scotty - July 5, 2004

Molly, DJ Gross, Ella, Gail, DJ and Scotty - July 5, 2004

The next day I got on the computer and pulled up '50s bowling shirts.  Several sights came up, but for some reason I locked in on one called "Cruisin USA".  I e-mailed them about my wishes for the shirts (time was short and Gail had her doubts it could be done).  Of course I was determined, and luckily "Cruisin USA" was very excited about the prospect of making these shirts for the legendary Scotty Moore's Mafia. They could not have been more helpful, they even did the logo free of charge.  All they asked for in return was photos from the big day. 

Selection of the Mafia was made because of our close knit group that would be spending time with Scotty. Funny. the day before Scotty introduced us as his Harem (ha), Steve quickly added he was security, which became a week-end joke with Scotty. As soon as I found out the shirts could be done in time for the week-end I got in touch with Molly Blanks, Patsy Anderson, D.J. Gross, and Gail to see if they were in for it and were they ever. The strange thing was that Crusin USA was located in St. Louis, MO. where D. J. lives, so she was able to oversee the final product and pick them up and hand deliver them to Memphis. 

Jacques Vroom and Scotty

Steve Shepherd (Security)

We decided to let Steve be the only Male Mafia member with a blue shirt , while all the girls had the pink. Everyone's name was on the front with the logo on the back of the shirt. The only difference was mine did say Ella The Back, because of Scotty's nickname for me , which has caught on! 

Ella and Gail - July 5, 2004

Molly, DJ, Ella, Gail and Scotty - July 5, 2004

Scotty knew nothing of these plans, and the smile on his face when he saw us that morning in his room was a priceless moment for a great day. The one thing you can say for the "Moore's Feel Good Mafia" is that it is a group of 5 gals and 1 guy who all love that guy "Scotty Moore" very much. And as I tell him a lot "I don't give a #*#* you played for Elvis, I just love ya Scotty".

Ella "the Back" Shepherd
July 27, 2004

Sometimes it can get a little hot on stage, especially in July in Memphis.  One of the duties of the Moore's Feel Good Mafia is fanning the boss!

DJ, keepin' it Cool!

Many thanks for the quality service from the folks at Cruisin USA.  Be sure to visit their site at for tons of custom fab '50s clothing, decorations & gifts.


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