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I received an email today from David Woodworth telling us about a new book by Deke Leonard where he credits Scotty as a main influence and inspiration.  It was pretty cool and I thought I'd simply share the email with everyone:

Hi James

I am currently helping the publishers Northdown Publishing spread the word about the book The Twang Dynasty, the third book by Deke Leonard. This book is a highly guitaristís selection of the people he thinks are most significant guitarists of the last century. I was delighted to come across because he not only includes Scotty as his main influence and inspiration, but also includes a photo of himself meeting Scotty on the back cover (see the attached file).

Deke Leonard with Scotty and DJ

Twang back cover.jpg (87787 bytes) - publishers of the books of Deke Leonard of the legendary Welsh group Man, including the latest The Twang Dynasty which is an appraisal and celebration by a guitarist of his favourite guitarists, including a section on Scotty Moore, who he lists as his main influence.

I am sure you donít want to wade through a long email and so I will sign off now, but below is a little information on Deke in case you are wondering who he is!

Best wishes David Woodworth

About Deke Leonard:

In his approx 50 years as a professional musician Deke Leonard was probably best known for his time with the band Man , who in the seventies were critically acclaimed for their what would have been English version of the Welsh Coast sound if they hadnít been Welsh.

His career highlights include:

  • Being applauded offstage by an audience consisting of just Jimi Hendrix

  • His seventies solo album Iceberg was a favourite of John Lennonís

  • Being thrown out of the Royal Albert Hall by Eric Clapton

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