Magnatone Troubadour Model 213


Magnatone Troubadour

One of the small amps that Scotty keeps and uses at home for entertaining and recording is a late 50's vintage Magnatone Troubadour.  He bought the amp from Buck Sulcer sometime after March of 1995.  Buck had traded Scotty a 76 L5 for a Gibson GA77RVT amp and Magnatone amp to sell in exchange.

The Catalog in 1957 described these amps this way "Newest sensation of the music world, the Custom 213 Amplifier is the finest compact, light amplifier available. Covered in modern charcoal leatherette with gold color appointments the Custom 213 is a power-house of tone. Rich, round bass tones, sparkling highs plus the sensational exclusive MAGNATONE BIG "V" Vibrato--the first true musical vibrato--make the custom 213 the ideal professional amplifier for club dates, recording sessions and T.V. or radio appearances."

The Troubadour Model 213 has 2 input channels (each with high & low gain) preamp'd by 12AX7's. Two volume controls and one tone for both channels. A 12AU7 is used in the vibrato circuits with half a 12AX7 for the oscillator. Half a 12AX7 for phase inversion into twin 6V6 power tubes. One 12" Oxford speaker. While the earlier model 213 used a 5V4G rectifier tube, the 213-A used a 5Y3GT rectifier tube for Hvdc. This 213 even has its original Foot Switch.

Weight: 25 lbs. Dim: 15" High x 10" Deep x 18.50" Wide, 15 degree tilted speaker baffle covered in acoustically transparent lumite. List Price in 1957 $179.50 

Approx. 18 Watts 
Info courtesy Vibroworld

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