Elvis Presley's Motorcycles

As an avid motorcyclist for more than half his life there's no telling how many motorcycles Elvis had or bought, at least not by me. It is probably harder than trying to track his guitars. He owned several though that loom large in his legend. One I wrote about years ago and with this section I've tried to catalog the rest, at least the ones we know that he owned and/or rode. Some we know the disposition of while others are long gone: traded, sold or given away to make room for the next one(s). A few are still in the collection of Graceland and while they may have details for which we aren't privy, this at least will provide an identification and minimal history of the brands and models themselves for those fans unfamiliar. The pages are ideally read in the sequence Elvis acquired them but each read well on their own. Enjoy them and pass the links around.

James V. Roy
added October 5, 2015

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